Swimming Pool Electrocution

Swimming Pool Electrocution – Reasons and Solutions

Swimming Pool Electrocution

Do you want to enjoy summer in pools? Is it your way to stay cool during summer? However, you must be aware of swimming pool electrocution. So, what is swimming pools electrocution? Do you have any idea about it? Several reasons can be found behind electrocution. Here are some.

For beautification of swimming pool, lots of lighting options are offered these days. Different kinds of techniques can be used on the occasion. Decoration of the backyard can be done with lighting too. Safe environment is established in the process too. During swimming, protection can be offered with swimming pool lighting.

Causes and Remedy

By offering electric current in slow manner, lighting is done inside the pool. However, there is a dilemma at the same time. It is important to maintain safety barrier while using lighting within the water. Measures must be taken to stay away from body injury, property damage and electrocution. Due to electrocution, death can be encountered also. Therefore, preventive steps must be taken. For proper lighting underwater, reliable and experienced professionals must be hired. Maintenance work on the pool must be done effectively too.

One of the reasons behind electrocution is underwater lighting of faulty nature, electrical wiring issues, power washers, sump pumps and vacuums that have not been grounded in proper manner. Fall of extension cords and electrical appliances in the water can cause an issue also. Consumer Products Safety Commission has said that evident danger can be noticed as a result of lighting and circuits without GFCIs or Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters. Through use of good quality appliances, damage can be prevented.

Shock hazards can be avoided through GFCIs also. Flow of current can be monitored by the GFCIs constantly. Therefore, loss of current can be detected immediately. If there is a deficit between couple of circuit conductors then flow of current can be stopped immediately. As a result, consumers may not be affected by the electricity at all. Chances of the electrocution can be eliminated also. During this time, a sense of shock can be felt. However, consumer may not be electrocuted.

Electrical outlets and lighting fixtures can be protected through GFCIs also. It is better to stay away from pools that are minimum 15 years old. In these pools, enough amount of protection may not be offered.

Preventive Measures

  • By hiring qualified technician, protection of the pool can be ensured
  • In case of an accident, you must be ready with a protection plan always. Lives can be saved in the process
  • It is important to keep a distance from conductors. Electrocution can become fatal.


Safety Tips

  • Location of the circuit breakers and electric switches must be known adequately. It is important to know how to turn off the switches during emergency.
  • Swimming must be avoided during thunderstorms.
  • Pool wiring and electrical appliances must be checked on regular basis. Based on the local codes, upgrade must be done.

If you take above measures then you may able to swim in the pool during summer comfortably and safely. Trouble may not be noticed at all.

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