Let us Clean and Maintain your Swimming Pool

We can help you with your Commercial or Residential swimming pool, in and around the place. We have several different programs you can choose from based on your budget and frequency. Quality pool cleaning is significantly more than netting leaves from the pool’s surface. Our experienced specialists determine just what your pool desires and execute the correct maintenance to attain a great swimming atmosphere. We only use the top quality products, making certain you have a great swimming experience.

Our Pool Cleaning includes:

  • Water and Chemical Testing
  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing
  • Netting the pool surface
  • Pump and Filter checks
  • And so much more !!!

Maintaining your Pool and Spa

We are local Pool Repair are here to help you maintain your pool. Owning a pool is a large investment and you do not want to see anything happen to it. Not only do you have to keep the pool clean, but make sure all the equipment is running properly as there are many things that can happen with your pool to become a health issue. Preventative maintenance will help to make sure you can enjoy your pool all the time, and get ahead of an costly problems.

Opening and Closing your Pool

Opening the pool includes:

Remove and store winter cover, clean the pool, immediate deck around pool, coping, and automatic pool cover. Also acid wash may be in order to achieve the best results. We will start the equipment, trouble shoot the plumbing system, and accurately balance the swimming pool water.

Closing the pool includes:

Complete and competent winterisation, adding the necessary chemicals to protect the pool’s finish and equipment while closed, installing the winter cover. These programs are designed for the local area, so that your pool will be in working order when the summer comes around again.