The pool is where you escape to during the hot summers in Los Angeles. It is a place to relax after a long work week, and with Los Angeles’s famous traffic.  It is where the kids build lasting memories, and where friends come around to spend time. Let us help you get your pool back into order so you can have those moments that last the tests of time.

We offer many solutions for your resurfacing needs. Whether it is Plaster, Fiberglass, Aggregate, tile or any other material, we are the ones you should call first! Most of the plaster pools that run into problems  is because of the water chemistry that is damaging the plaster. There are test kits to check chemical levels in your pool and as the Calcium goes to low and high stabilizer levels both are detrimental to the finishes. This is also why the industry is starting to move away from plaster surfaces and going towards pebble-based cement materials. However, no matter the problem we can help you with your pool resurfacing as we are located in Los Angeles.

When is the time to Resurface your Pool?

While no one really wants to resurface their pool as it is expensive, sometimes it is a must. Have you noticed the floor of the pool being rough, maybe parts are starting to deteriorate or even falling away? These are some factions that say, it might be time to reach out to someone about this. We are here for all of your pool services and resurfacing needs so please call, we can answer all of your questions and give you the best advice for your situation.

Different types of Pool Resurfacing Options

There are many different types of materials you can use to resurface your pool. There is of course Plaster as the most common finish but there are a few new types of exposed aggregate that are becoming more popular. Here is a list of least expensive to most expensive.


While this is not the best as a long term solution and maybe more of a Band-Aid for rundown pools. If you get a high quality epoxy paint, this can be affordable while you save for a better solution.


This is also called Whitecoat or Marcite, and is typically used for backyard pools as it is not very expensive and fairly durable. Plaster is not known for its looks it can come in different colors, but it does give the appearance of a classic “clean” look.


While this is an usual choice it is an option in some parts of the country. This is somewhat of a controversial  choice in the pool industry but give us call and we can talk about how we can help you!


This is a very trendy choice right now for pool resurfacing. This is plaster mixed with quart or pebbles and creates an attractive and sometimes colorful surface that will last a long time.


If you are looking for a luxury choice, covering the pool interior with tiles might be something for you. If can be expensive with the price of tiles and labor involved.

As the leading pool services company in Atlanta, we have many different services to cover you in any situation.  We are your source for commercial or residential pool and spa services including pool maintenance, pool repair as well as pool resurfacing.