How To Order

Order Processing: How to order with

1 – Select the category of interest, from the drop down list at the end of each page.

2 – To add products to your shopping list, check/tick the box next to the desired item.

3 – Click on the submit button at the end of the page.

4 – At this point, the shopping list page will be displayed. If no items have been selected previously, the message ‘SHOPPING LIST EMPTY” will appear. Otherwise, all the products selected, the respective quantity, price per unit (in US$) and the total charge for the whole order will be displayed.

 – If you desire to buy more than one item per selected product, please adjust the quantity on the Shopping list page. Then, in order to display the updated amount click on the “RECALCULATE” logo/button on the top of the page.

 – Once you decided that your shopping list is complete and you would like to order, click on the “BUY NOW!” button. Please note that from this page till the approval of your order, data transfer will be handled using our SSL script (encrypted data transfer), where all information transmitted is private and protected. Also your credit card number is directly approved and the amount stated is transmitted to our bank (we do not know and we can NOT see your credit card details).  PLEASE NOTE: Shipping costs are included in all rates provided!

 At the end of the transaction (it will require a few seconds to obtain bank approval), you will receive a copy of your order stating your order number (by email). Please print this email for future reference. The message will also state all products ordered.

Use of the drop menu/list: 
Once you reached the shopping list page and you decide to add products to your shopping basket, please DO NOT use the back key. For the shopping mall to function properly, i.e. keep track on the individual user, you will have to utilize the drop menu.

For additional information do not hesitate to contact us.