Kreepy Krauly

1. VACUUM HOSE. Translucent colour almost “disappears” in your pool. Comes in sections to meet your pool’s needs. Multi-ribbed flexibility on the outside, smooth on the inside for unrestricted water flow.
2. TWIN DRIVE TUBES. Where water flow is intermittently directed to generate kinetic energy for mobility. Also ensures continuous water flow to your pump.
3. AQUA COLOR. Kreepy Krauly’s soft aqua colour complements most of today’s pool designs.
4. VACUUM SEAL. Completely flexible, soft polyurethane pad. Works with all pool surfaces: gunite, vinyl, fibreglass and tile.
5. WINGS. Directs leaves, dirt and debris where they belong…directly to your skimmer, leaf trap and/or pump basket.
6. SWIVEL HOUSING. Chamber where water flow is directed into a solid stream to pass through the hose. Swivel helps keep hose from tangling.
7. ROLLER STRAP. Protects the unit, allows freedom of movement around steps and ladders.
8. DIVE FLOAT. Part of the exclusive directional guidance system that helps Kreepy Krauly consistently climb pool walls.
9. FOOT PAD. (underneath) Provides traction for movement in your pool.
10. FLAPPER. (underneath) Kreepy Krauly’s only operational moving part is housed inside the unit and has a 15 year warranty. It is responsible for dividing water flow to propel Kreepy Krauly.

Complete parts also available for Kreepy Krawleys – contact us for prices.